Backsplash Installation Bethlehem, PA

Backsplash completely changes how your kitchen or bathroom looks. They are not only decorative but practical as well.

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Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

Choosing the material, design and colour are some of the important aspects of the backsplash. One of the most important aspects of backsplash is to choose the countertop and cabinets first. Once everything else has been perfectly installed then comes backsplash which will complement the rest of the decor.


Why Should You Install Backsplash?

Protects Your Wall

Backsplash does a great job of protecting the wall behind your sinks in the kitchen or bathroom. They make it easy to clean. It stays strain free even with regular splash of water and food that might get stuck to the wall. They protect the walls behind from water and food, you can easily change the backsplash when you feel it’s needs changing.

It Enhances The Looks

There are a lot of color options available for backsplash for kitchen as well as for bathrooms. You can choose the colour and design of your liking that will match the rest of your decor and add a feather in the cap. The installation hardly takes any time and with experienced professionals helping you it is done without any hassle.

Easily Washable

They are easily cleaned by soap water. You don’t need harsh chemicals or professional help to clean backsplash. They get dry easily and do not absorb water or grow mold even when exposed to water for long hours.

Types Of Backsplashes

There are various types of material available for backsplashes. With hundreds of colors and designs available to fit every type of decor possible.

Ceramic Or Porcelain Tile – Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are very versatile. They come in various shapes like rectangles, squares, exagones etc. They also have a wide option of colors available that you can choose from. Whether it’s back or while or any other bold vibrant color of your choice.

Glass Tile – You can use glass tiles as backsplash for a sophisticated and rich look. They are reflective making your countertop look bigger in the area.

Travertine Tile – Travertine is a type of natural stone and is kind of a classic look for your kitchen and bathrooms. They usually come in lighter color and do not have a lot of color variations. However, people who like the look of traditional and rustic looking backsplash wil like Travertine tile.

Manufactured Stone Veneer – As the name suggests, these stones are man made with cement and few other substances. These stones are comparatively easier to cut and install than natural stone and is one of the favourite backsplash materials for homeowners.

How Do We Install Backsplash?

Special tools, experience and knowledge are some of the most important aspects of perfect installation of the backsplash. We have workers who know how to lay out the material of the backsplash on the wall, cut the tiles to perfect sizes, apply mastic and install the tiles in the specific positions. Every step of the process is given special care so you get the most beautiful looking backsplash.