Basement Remodel Bethlehem, PA

Basements are getting recognised for their potential in the recent times. A modern house can be completely utilised by transforming the basement to something amazing.

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If you have a spacious basement why waste the space? Moreover, remodeling the basement can increase the value of the house. Basements can be used, increased living space and an escape room for you or your family. We have transformed the basement for hundreds of families and all of them have loved the results.


Why Remodel Your Basement?

If you have limited space in your house, you have kids growing up, roommates increasing or you are planning to invite someone for Christmas, having additional space can solve a lot of your problem. You don’t have to ask people to sleep in your living room, on the uncomfortable sofa. You can simply transform the basement to a bedroom where your new roommate, your kids, or guests can sleep at night. You can install comfortable beds in the basement which will give them privacy and you will have the living room for yourself. If you are someone who uses the basement as a laundry room or storage area, worry not, we can partisol and organise your lying room in a way that everything has it’s space.

The best thing about the basement is that you don’t need to pay a whole lot to increase the living area, unlike increasing your part of your house that can cost you tens of thousands. Since the basement is inside the house, you don’t have to make a roof, wall, or floor. The cost of installing water lines, sewer lines, and electricity is low because of the close proximity. HVAC systems have no issues working in the basement and the basement doesn’t need as much energy as the room above to be heated or cooled due to the closed space. Since it’s under the ground basically, the cost of insulation is saved.

What Do We Do ?

When you are planning to remodel your basement to transform into a bedroom, play room, media room, cellar, mini bar, etc, we can remodel it according to your design. We will custom lighting, floors, build false ceilings, insulate the walls, take care of the moisture in the basement, build bathrooms, and ventilation systems. We will do everything you can think of to make it a comfortable living space. We know how to transform a standard basement to something that everyone in your family will love. With proper acoustic and comfortable temperature, you will see the basement become the best place in your house.

Basements are often prone to damp and moisture issues. Bethlehem Kitchen Remodel will take all the precautionary measures to eliminate moisture damage. We will do proper waterproofing, check the plumbing to make sure there are no leaks and will be leaky in the future. When you hire Bethlehem Kitchen Remodel you get affordable costs to renovate and remodel your basement and transform it into a comfortable living space. Call us today to get a free estimate.