Custom Remodel Bethlehem, PA

Do you want to custom remodel your house? Many homeowners do go with the tried and tested home renovation designs.

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If you are one of them we are here for you, Custom design designs are innovative designs, specially suited for the architecture of your house. It may be developed by you and polished by our architects or may be built entirely by our architects from scratch. We can help you determine the right type of design that is possible for your house, kitchen, bathroom, living room etc.

Custom Floor

Custom Floors

Tell us the kind of floor you want for your house. If it’s not the traditional hardwood floor and instead new innovative epoxy flooring, let us know. If you want to install the new kind of tiles, or unique design for hardwood flooring, show us your ideas. We work with our customers to bring their custom designs to life. These designs might not always be available in the warehouse but we will go above and beyond to bring these custom floors to existence.

Custom Lighting

Lighting is something that transforms how your house looks. It commands attention to places in the house where you want it. If you have looked at cool designs of lights in pinterest do not hesitate to show us. We will do whatever is possible to get exactly that design or something close. We install custom hanging lights above dining areas, custom lights for kitchen and bathroom. WE install smart lights that will switch on and off on their own, change in intensity according to the time of the day.

Custom Lighting

Custom Ceilings

Ceilings are often ignored but they are just as important for your interior design as floors. We can instal innovative and modern false ceiling designs that will transform the look of your rooms. We will install lights in the false ceiling to compliment the overall look and enhance the aesthetics and beauty.

Custom Walls

Do you want an innovative and different wall painting? If you want unique colors and patterns on your walls, tell our house paint professionals. They will make it possible for you. Paints are an essential part of the design, you stare at the paint everyday and if you want it in a certain kind of way, it is our responsibility to do it for you.

Custom Wall

Why Choose Us ?

Bethlehem Kitchen Remodel is a dedicated company that does everything possible to bring your unique designs to life. We understand it is not possible to always go look for people who will remodel your house exactly the way you like it. Most people have some basic designs that they will do for your house, if you ask them to do anything beyond it they will either mess it up or refuse to help. Our company has some really talented professionals, interior designing and architects that will help to custom make every aspect of your house. Give us a call for a free estimate today.